An Independent Black Empire | Est. 2018

Contributing impactful stories, artistic works and authentic content
to the cultural evolution.

X MARKS THE BLACK (X) is a multimedia entertainment company, founded by filmmaker Rashidah De Vore. With its premier divisions, X Marks The Black Productions and X On Demand, the team at X will develop a slate of film, television and streaming content that highlights the global Black experience – showcasing Black culture in a light not often shown by traditional media.

As the X empire expands, so will its divisions, with the goal of creating strong footholds within every field of media – furthering the advancement of positive representation of Black culture and history.

Behind the X


In keeping with the company’s mission, the name X MARKS THE BLACK is one derived from Black history, and a symbol of our progression at a pivotal time in American history.

Post chattel slavery in the United States, when Blacks began the transition of being recognized as not only citizens, but human beings, allowed to enter into legal contracts of their own volition for the first time – a pause could often be seen when they arrived at every contract staple… the signature line. As literacy rates amongst Blacks were dismal at best – many unsure of how or even what to write – the advice given was to simply mark the letter “X”.

Before being adopted into law as the more broadly accepted form of signature for the illiterate and/or disabled, the common perception held when one saw the letter “X” on a signature line was that it was left by someone of lesser status, poorly educated, and more than likely Black.

Behind X stands living embodiment’s of the hope, ambition and perseverance of those who lived before us – and we look forward to paving the way for the progress yet to come.